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Why do girls throw like a girl!?? 02/02/2013

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See, it’s all about how men posing bigger muscle and most of the time better athleticism? I came across this neuropathologist blog about the analysis of what and why is I’m the way I am. “Throwing like a girl”!

or this earlier one in the Atlantics.

Or the more recent phenome Erin DiMeglio

Indeed George played baseball for many years, especially since he was a little boy, I guess, it just comes natural to him though to throw a ball couple hundred yards away…

whereas I throw, um, s i m p l y P a t h e t i c a l l y

The big “throwback”is, how do I throw the tennis ball for Rafi?! Rafi loves to chase after his tennis ball and fetch it back. What a joy to see him running like that as a little dog. Now in reality I do own a ChuckIt stick (all dog owners knows about this, it is one of the best invention in pet product industry!!). Unless I carry the stick like a ninja with their long sword, it can be cumbersome during the walks down to the park! Why not throw the ball with my perfectly “designed” human arms?! Or not!

Nothing is more embarrass than trying to throw a ball for your dog with the ball ended up going backward and hit another park goer– happens to me all the time. I had to keep apologizing to my friends and those whom I don’t know. My perfect human arms aren’t so correctly put together I think. I have now leave the throwing to my husband and I simply prepare treat for the reward! “Good boys!”

This is unfair.



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